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Aztec variety nail vinyls

Doing your nails just got easier! Get it all with this black sheet of mixed Aztec nail vinyls.  Sheet comes with 22 chevrons vinyls, 22 mixed straight vinyls, 4 mountain vinyls, 14 small diamonds, 5 large diamonds, 20 small Aztec vinyls, and 20 large Aztec vinyls. 

All nail vinyl sheets are shipped UNWEEDED and will need to be separated by hand. This custom cut design makes removing your designs very easy without tearing. You can either remove the entire block to create a stencil with accurate spacing between or you can remove one at a time to do your own look

If you decide to leave the vinyl on top of your polish simply trim the nail vinyl to fit around your nail and apply a topcoat over!

Collections: Nail Decals

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